Awesome Teamwork at Psychic Tea

Hello All,

It is Monday afternoon and I’m sitting here in the sun on my deck and reflecting on what a wonderful time we live in and how wonderful our lives can be.

I’m livin’ the dream!

Yesterday was an awesome Psychic Tea and I would be woefully mistaken if I didn’t take a moment from my awesome day to send out “thanx” to each and every one of you.  This is a very special thank you for the personal giving of your Time, Talent and Contribution of their services and skills.  The Mediums that made this event possible and all those who worked hard both behind the scenes and on the day of the Psychic Tea to make this year a huge success.  There were tickets to sell, monitor, food to make, monitor and track, set up , serve, cleanup and put things away many with time deadlines.  It was especially tight between the first and second seating when we had to clean and resupply everything.  I want to thank Tracey and Rev. David for MCing the event and their hard work keeping things organized,  Karen and Rev. Shirley for leading us and teaching us.  To Nicole and her daughter Annie for monitoring the food, ticket sales, efforts in the kitchen  and helping keep track of the funds.  To Cindy for guiding us daily in assembling this event, for her hard work and getting the supplies of water, tea and coffee.  Also for her awesome sense of humour making us smile at every opportunity.  She is awesome!   Mary for her input, diligence, hard work and getting the flowers for the draw.  All of the Board members as well as Gwen and Kristy as always working the kitchen and serving.  They are our anchors when it comes to events such as these.  They work hard and make it seem so simple.  Everyone worked hard to make the event a huge success.  Every time I looked the staff were plugging away non stop.  Awesome teamwork!  Thanks!
On behalf of the Board of the church and our Parson; Rev. David Christy, we extend a huge THANK YOU.
I personally express my gratitude… “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart!
It was a long but successful day and a very rewarding day in many ways.  I was able to sit in both sessions yesterday (I paid twice) and received two different and excellent readings and also had a special heart filled message during the service, so I am amply rewarded already!  The return of ten-fold.   I also thanked the Creator, Christ Consciousness and each of you in my prayers last night. The funds will help balance our books and make it possible for us to help others also.
As a followup, in the draw for the Visa card ($50.00)  was won by Medium, Wendy Nemeth.  As the Universe would have it, she was contacted near the last minute to ask if she could fill a vacancy from a cancellation.  Wendy then won the draw!   The Creator indeed works in strange and mysterious ways!
Next year we will make it even better from lessons learned.  If any of you have suggestions for improvement; please do not hesitate to send them to my attention or phone me.  I promise no names will be used in the suggestion.
Many of you asked and this is just a gentle reminder, that the Orillia Star of Hope (OSOH) will hold our Psychic and Wellness Fair on Sunday, June 11 wherein we split the earnings with Mediums and Healers @ 50% each.  So please mark you calendars accordingly.  You will hear more details about the Psychic and Wellness Fair event in the near future, however if you contact the undersigned, I will make sure you are first in line for that event.
Thank You !
Allan Robinson
OSOH Board Member
I AM…  very grateful!

November 27th Sunday Service

Evening Service,

Service last night November 27th was quite a good event.  Sunday was a gorgeous day and rather warm evening for the end of November.  Actually we are just pleased there was no snow!
Karen Popp started us off with the opening prayer.  We were pleased to have Debra Kemp as a guest speaker who came all the way from Bob Cageon with her husband Charlie.  She spoke very well about “Fear”  which most of us carry around with us.  She spoke well and her topic was very well presented and very well researched.  We would love to have her return one day.  Likewise Debra’s messages were very well received and she spoke to almost everyone in the room with a message from Spirit.  I had the pleasure of Hosting the service and we sang our hearts out to a few good songs as well.  The closing prayer was given by Rev. Gina McHugh who recently became a grand mother once again.
There were about 23 people in attendance and afterwards we all enjoyed a cup of tea and cookies while catching up on the latest news and events.  I met with Jennifer who had several ideas and some feedback about bringing children to church.  She is very keen on this idea.  I noted her thoughts and we will discuss them at our next board meeting.  Her son, Hunter was in attendance and will also be there next week for drumming.  Hunter gave me two messages when we were speaking after the service.
Plans are progressing for our Christmas Party on Dec. 11th.  Many are looking forward to next Sunday, Dec. 4th with a drumming session which always gets the energy level raised higher.
Allan Robinson


To All;

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, efforts, cooperation, contribution, patience and time given to our Psychic and Wellness Fair held yesterday at the Orillia Star of Hope Spiritualist Church.  It was a long day especially for those who stayed and attended the service and we were all pretty tired when we finally got home and were able to relax and put our feet up. 
It takes a great deal of effort to put on this event from the idea, the promotion, signage, arranging the mediums, prep work on BIOS, the record sheet, the setting up of the booths, tables and chairs, organizing the layout, the flow the food and drink, AND all that has to be done prior to the event start time of 10 am.  Our special thanx to everyone who shared a part in all that work.  And afterwards it all has to be taken apart and cleaned up.  Our thanx to you, we could not have even open the doors without that.  Tracey please send this to Steve and his son John.  Cindy please thank your John for us as well.  Then there is the event itself!  
Wow!  In spite of the rainy weather, and other impacts we prevailed and managed to make it a successful day all round.  We also need to have a special “thank you” to the Mediums, Healer Practitioners, and sales folks to making the day successful.  Their contribution means so much not only to our church but to the promotion of Spiritualism in general.  There were many folks who walked in off the street and just wanted to know what Readings, Healings, Mediums, and all this “stuff” meant.  I’m sure they thought there were crystal balls and other things happening.  These same folks learned about us and what we believe in.  Many had their eyes opened for the first time.  
Rev. Gina, maybe you could forward this email to Mediums, Healers and sales folks so they are not left out. Without their contribution we could not have done this and been able to spread the word. For those who gave a reading, they will tell their friends and Spiritualism will continue to grow in peoples hearts.    
For the remainder of volunteers who dismantled everything and put things away, cleaned, timed, organized, administered, fed, and contributed so much to making this a success, I just want to add my own personal “thanx” for giving up your day for US.  Time is a major ingredient in this day and age, worth many dollars per hour.  Many of the volunteers also had a reading and/or a healing when things slowed down, our gratitude for helping out the with those contributions as well.  
Everyone I spoke to or looked at during the day wore a smile or had nothing but praise for the event.  I’m sure if it hadn’t rained we would have had a larger turnout.
We won’t have another large event like this for several months so it will give us all a chance to rest up and get prepared for the next event.  
If you have suggestions for improving this event please forward to the undersigned under a different subject title and we will take your ideas under consideration.  
In addition, Rev. Carol Ann Carter was the inspirational speaker for the evening service and also gave messages and did an outstanding and sincere job. 
Once again…. Thank you all for making the day a huge success.  Thanx!  
Allan Robinson

The Creator Just Amazes Me

Wow the creator sure works in mysterious ways, all I can say it’s a small world. I met someone last night at my spiritualist church, and it seems that she knows some of my friend’s here in Ontario and they are connected to my dad and elder Mr. Clem Courchene from Manitoba. The creator just amazes me, God is great and powerful..xo
With that everyone have a fabulous day.
~Lorraine Morrisseau-IrvingLorraine Morrisseau-Irving

Lightworkers Vision Sunday Service

Well it is a sure sign of spring with the longer days and with spring rain. An early spring as well, so lets hope it will be a warm summer to look forward to. The song April showers will have to be March showers for this year! Rain is good for the soil and I prefer it to snow at this time of year.
Earlier on Sunday afternoon, a workshop was held at the church on West Street on Past Life Regression hosted by Debora Christy and was a big success. Between the workshop and the service, a pot luck dinner was held for those staying to attend the service. A wonderful idea to save going to a restaurant and share fellowship with others and make friends.
Reverend David Christy acted as the Chair for this evenings service and did an admiral job. David and Debora have long been up to pleasing a crowd and last night was no exception. We had a good audience and had to put out additional chairs on two occasions as more people arrived. Debora Christy treated us to a song and her guitar playing she had written that was excellent.
The guest speaker was Glenn Coles, a well known healer in the Orillia and Midland area. While Glenn lives in Midland, he is just as famous in Orillia with his healing, teaching and attendance at psychic fairs, etc. Glenn has many healing modalities as well as being a published author.
His book is titled Soul Work 101 and is an excellent, easy to read and understand book full of short topics for anyone interested in Enlightenment. He also proved to be an excellent speaker providing an uplifting, motivational and inspiring talk and answering questions on a vast range of topics.
In his inspirational talk Glenn told us some true stories of how he came to be in the healing business and a Light Worker as well. He told us a few stories of events in his life and pulled on many heartstrings. Glenn explained the story of his grandmothers passing and how he came to understand the message from Spirit that he still uses today… There is More! For those interested in his story about his grandmother’s funeral and what happened; it is told in full here:

Glenn went on to explain that he was a Light Worker. What is a Light Worker? He discussed three topics. Light Work comes from within, to Cherish every soul, and Conscious Evolution. In each of the three topics he also included Empowerment within in each topic. For those interested in further detail, the Lightworker Vision is here.

Glenn also has a Facebook Group page that is growing in leaps and bounds. Now has over 100,000 people following. Please go to Facebook group Light Workers of the World is here:
In addition, I understand his talk was recorded and will be added to the OSOH Website for those interested in listening to his truly inspirational and wonderful story.
We wrapped up a little later than usual, then shared many conversations over tea and cookies and there were conversations everywhere. No one wanted to leave that night. A sure sign that everyone was having a good time.
We wish to thank all those who assisted in making the day a success.
Next week the guest speaker will be Danny Lee Dalton who specializes in trance “channeling” and we are all looking forward to an entertaining evening. I understand he is similar to Edgar Casey only not quite as famous! Yet!
See you at the service!
In Love and Light,

Eagle’s Flight at Circle Meditation

What a wonderful spring day and it turned into a rather special evening!
As always, being the first Sunday of the month, we held our usual Circle In The Round Service which is when we have a guided meditation for all to enjoy. A special guided meditation wherein each of us have an opportunity to meditate and experience complete relaxation and stress removal while at the same time rebuild our internal energy.
Eagles Love Flight
The meeting was Chaired by our own Cindy Hanson who as usual did an excellent job. Our guest spiritual medium was Rosanne Irving and she certainly delivered an awesome evening. She began leading us all in a circle of understanding and knowing. Each person was given an opportunity to speak their truth and tell a little bit about themselves.
Rosanne was able to speak about the many ways of the native culture and their spiritual teachings of their closeness to nature, the earth, moon and sky. The number of people already familiar, knowledgeable or learning the ways of the native teachings and the ways of the native culture is much larger than I first realized. The interest shown last night was certainly amazing. Learning the ways of the native culture will lead to a greater understanding of why we are here and how to live with mother earth and her inhabitants. Then Rosanne was able to lead us all on a meditation of the Eagle which was awesome. To try and describe that event would be impossible, in that each of us had our own experience only known to them.
Naturally we over ran our time but nobody seemed to care one little bit. We were privileged to have a couple of new comers attend for their first time and I’m sure they will return. Just as I’m sure we will request Rosanne to return for another session. An amazing evening for everyone.
Next week our guest speaker is Glenn Coles who is well known in the healing circles with many healing modalities and comes very highly recommended.
Next Sunday, March 13 at 1:00 pm we are holding our first workshop of 2016 put on by our own Debora Christy, on the subject of Past Life Regression and we already are expecting a large number of attendees. There still be room for joining, so if you are interested, please contact Debora Christy through her website at .
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might be interested.

Creating Energy with Serenity

Last night’s church service went exceedingly well considering the heavy rain downfall we experienced in our region. Who ever thought we would be having 6 degree weather and rain on January 31st?
Folks started to arrive around 6:25 pm and soon we had quite a crowd with several new people in attendance. Linda Vause walked through the pouring rain with her walker to attend. She used her walker to keep her balance and in spite of the cold and rain she had a smile on her face upon arrival. She said is was much better than pushing the walker through snow like last week!
Cindy Hanson acted as Chair person and did an excellent job as always. The singing was slow at the start but picked up as the songs progressed. We need to get someone who can set us up with music as per Rev. David’s wish. The motivational talk was given by Debora Christy and she did an excellent job on the topic of The Prayer of Serenity.
Everyone is familiar with this prayer…
God, Please grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; The Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.
A short but powerful prayer. She spoke of Serenity, Acceptance, Courage and Wisdom which can lead to Peace. She addressed these subjects in detail and explained the meaning and the importance of this prayer and how it can relate to our lives. She also added a personal touch and described how much this prayer related to her life and explained a bit of her own personal struggles and challenges she has endured and how she has found a new peace. It was an excellent motivating talk and you could tell she was speaking from her heart. I always enjoy it when the speaker explains how the talk relates to their own personal experience. Great prophets of the bible spoke in parables of every day life so that the audience of the time could relate to their own life and understand the message. Keep in mind, in ancient times many people couldn’t read or write. Only the elite had an education.
Gwen Graham was our Greeter handing out the hymn books and welcoming folks. Cindy also brought the milk and cream for coffee. The rest of us pitched in where ever, setting up chairs, the podium, flowers, etc. A good evening was realized by all. Representing the board was Cindy, Tracey, Barb, Gina and Allan. Regrets from Karen, Judy and Ginette who is fortunate to be having a vacation in sunny Mexico.
Messages were addressed by the popular team of Debora and David Christy and they gave several good heartfelt messages. In addition, for the first time, Rev. David opened the floor to anyone who wanted to give a message. Several individuals gave a single message and they were well received. It appears the medium-ship skills of the members are improving.
Another innovation in this service was a short meditation of 6 or 7 minutes led by Rev. David at the beginning to get everyone’s energy higher and raise the vibration in the room. Good exercise. We might build that into every service. Next week Sunday, Feb 7 will be the meditation night which we call Circle in the Round which will be a short meditation led by Rev. Wendy Nemeth.
Folks were reminded about our Psychic Tea being held on April 3rd and our first workshop on Past Life Regression being held on March 13th.
All in all it was a good service. Our Thanks to Debora Christy and Rev. David Christy.
Allan (OSOH Vice President)

Snow Day Sunday

Hello everyone!
Lots of snow! I guess old man winter is making up for the warm winter we have experienced thus far.
I am pleased to say that in spite of the poor weather on Sunday we had a good turnout at the church service. One member even walked thru the snow and blowing wind with her walker and arrived all bundled up with scarf and mittens. True dedication!
Unfortunately our speaker was unable to attend due to the weather which presented a last minute challenge.
We simply pulled all of the chairs into a circle to build up the energy and took turns telling stories of spirit or synchronicity or something that happened in our lives or to our friends. I told two stories. One about a my life and how I later realized the past lives influence, the second story was about the Dalai Lama and how what appeared as a devastating negative event at the time, turned around to be one of the worlds miracles of this lifetime. Then I passed it over to others to tell a positive story about themselves or others. Well surprise, surprise! We ended up running late as there were so many stories and experiences to discuss. It turned out well if I do say so myself.
Thanks to Barb Klip for the inspiration and concept as we spoke just this week about using that format when a speaker failed to show. It was actually very good. The energy with the circle was strong and everyone contributed. People didn’t have to stand up and felt comfortable speaking to their friends as opposed to being on stage. It turned out very well.
Earlier in the afternoon we had a great planning meeting with tons of participation and good ideas expressed for 2016. If we plan for one workshop per month and the psychic teas and fairs as planned, we will quickly become a solid part of the community.
Current plan is to have a Psychic Tea on April 3, Psychic Fair on June 12 and in the fall a Psychic Tea on Sept 11 and Psychic Fair on Oct 16. These are our main fund raisers and we all should promote these events.
A workshop on Past Life Regression/Progession is planned for March 13 with Debora Christy. On April 10, 2016 a workshop on Past Life Regression by Dan Valkos will happen.
We are planning on a workshop in May by Wendy Nemeth on Meditation and Light yoga or Astrology and Horoscopes. Some details to work out and we will finalize this further on our next board meeting, January 24.
Allan(Vice President OSOH)