Pastor: Rev. David Christy



Welcome One and All to Orillia Star of Hope Spiritualist Church. We are a Growing Community Church with an emphasis on helping people become self empowered in all things Spiritual. We are a CIRCLE, where all are equal and the talents of all are encouraged to thrive. I am here to be of service to you without judgement.  All Paths Lead to God. In this day and age, Energy is Higher than Ever. We can become and live our highest potential. I have spent a lifetime as a New Earth community organizer and meditation leader. In 2001 I was ordained as a Metaphysical Spiritualist Minister.


The mission of the Orillia Star of Hope Spiritualist Church is to be a conscientious provider of information related to understanding Metaphysical Consciousness, Spirit and  Spiritualism.

To provide guidance, support and healing to those on their Spiritual journey.

To offer proof of the continuing existence of spirit after physical death.

Our goal is to provide a compassionate environment that allows freedom to explore, empowerment to make personal choices and fellowship with others on the journey of enlightenment.